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There are many consultants out there that develop strategic plans, but most have never actually implemented one.  What makes working with Sage different is that our experienced health executives know what makes a plan executable.  We work with you to outline a clear destination and we provide comprehensive tactical plans to make that vision a reality.

Our clients have a wide range of strategic planning needs.  Sometimes we are asked to guide an organization through an enterprise-wide planning process.  Other times it is more narrow and we focus on developing a plan for one service line or for an ambulatory network.  Our process is always tailored to your needs and your budget.

Accountable Care Organizations

Lots of consultants will tell you how to implement an ACO, but few if any have actually done it.  Our President and Founder was a founding leader of what is now the nation’s largest ACO.  We use this real-world ACO experience in our work with clients across the country.

Our work with ACOs nationally varies greatly, but often focuses on physician alignment.  As health care transitions to value-based payment, we expect inpatient volumes to decline and revenues to fall.  Unfortunately, shared savings payments almost never makes up for lost revenue.  To make accountable care work, hospitals must improve physician alignment.  We work to design and execute physician alignment programs that work in tandem with the clinical transformation process.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Based on industry news, it seems like there is a new merger announcement almost every day.  A fragmented market, runaway costs, and reimbursement pressures have led almost every hospital and health system in the nation to think about their partnership strategy.

Sage works both on the “buy side” and on the “sell side” of transactions.  On the “buy side”, we assist health systems in developing a pro-active partnership approach.  We assess potential partners in a client’s own backyard, as well as identifying potential partners in new markets.  We also assist independent hospitals in developing their partnership strategy, helping to answer questions such as “Can we remain independent and be successful?” or “We want to partner.  What should our approach be?”